Have you ever visited Classic Quilts, down in Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeira 1 Dubai?

Was your answer a

  1. Yes, who hasn’t?
  2. No, but I soon will
  3. What is a quilt?
  4. I think that is where I live

….Or perhaps you lie somewhere in between all of the above…

This is now a NEW way for us to stay acquainted and connected with each other!

As a store that is crazy about sewing, sewing machines, gadgets, fabric, embroidery and quilting, we come across so many artists, doll-makers, tepee makers,quilters, fashionistas… and each and every interaction gives us creative knowledge…. that we will now share in this very online page. So, enjoy reading through all our announcements, stories, features and DIY projects! And together we shall create!